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I was asked..does everything happen for a reason?

Within the world of physics and social sciences, debates have been raised about why things happen, and whether the consequences of events are directly linked to initial reason. The Butterfly Effect argues that for example, the reason that certain weather events occur is through an accumulation of previous smaller, even determined insignificant, events…this basic theory can be applied to various situations..whether as a reason or excuse.

The theory of Unintentional Consequences in the social sciences suggests that – whether we like it or not – the human race does not have total control over our lives, and that sometimes the reason we do things has consequences which are outside our control.
It is lack of control that sometimes, in times of crisis, we find ourselves searching for reason..maybe in an endeavor to stop the event happening again, or simply to give the situation an element of logic..without it the consequences are too overwhelming to deal within the human mind.
Personally, I think the human race is far too insignificant to allow ourselves the luxury of believing that our reasoning can order the world, that we need to do our part to look after ourselves and all which surrounds us, but to remember that sometimes things do happen without apparent reason…at least directly….and if all else fails, we can always blame God.

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