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After a long while, I finally managed to not only get out, but also managed to get some photos on here ….some of these have been basically processed in Lightroom, and some of them are ‘as is’ – nevertheless, they are photos that I personally like – hope you enjoy looking at these special animals.

This is Mali (Jasmine) – Female, born 16 January 2010

and this is Ongard (Bold) – Male, born 10 September 2010

One of the mums

I loved this claw….

….belonging to this chap

This snake was very active

Whereas this one wasn’t quite a boistrous..

This beautiful Serval was a joy

and this lion had just finished his dinner …one of four brothers who live together

last, but not least – a Zebra…in black and white !

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A little while ago, I did a short tutorial on using textures and thought I would add a few more photos I have added a texture to.

Much as I love simple shots, with little or no real editing, I do sometimes enjoy playing around with Photoshop.

Work for sale can be seen here:








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Trees are great…they grow older than we will ever do, they are the homes of countless birds and other animals, they help the earth to breath..

Here are just a few of my favorites:





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Ok, I’m a psychiatric nurse and a photographer…of course I love people watching and photographing them !

The suggestion of Candid Photography often throws up a myriad of responses .. Can I photograph people without their knowledge? Should I photograph people in this way? Am I being sneaky, invasive etc?

The way I look at it is that I am photographing people as they are … yes, sure you can ask them if it would be ok…but you won’t get anything natural – and people being natural are interesting..


Melbourne is a city of Festivals which celebrate our multi-cultural diversity ..Greek, Italian, Spanish, Asian, Jewish ..this photo was taken at a Turkish Festival – I had been watching her for a while..her face was so expressive:


This was taken in a park …the couple had been deep in conversation – maybe not the happiest..


People can be alone in a crowd:


This was taken at Melbourne’s Exhibition and Conference Centre – locally known as  ‘Jeff’s Shed’  after former Premier Jeff Kennet – this being one of his pet projects whilst in office. He is now a Director of ‘Beyond Blue’ – a national depression initiative


I just loved watching this girl twirling her ribbon around..


A full face image of a Palestinian girl on a rally against the war in Gaza.

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